Recruitment Priorities:

In terms of raiding, composition is vital in order to achieve or get as close to the estimated goal of the raid. As a basic example, you would not like to do the Lich King fight without a hunter or a rogue to effectively dispel the Enrage from the Shambling Horrors.

Having said that, it is important that specific roles that are currently lacking within the guild’s composition are taken as priority for recruits and just below these are the roles we need!

Shaman Shaman:

DK Death Knight:
•Blood Tank

Paladin Paladin:

Priest Priest:

Druid Druid:

•Destruction (with Replenishment)

If your class or spec was not listed above, do not feel discouraged to apply to our guild. It will certainly be slightly harder to get into raids, however there are different ways in which we can get you in them such as flexing your roles (e.g. if you’re a warrior you can DPS or Tank). However, good players are always welcome and they will not be denied to get into raids.